July 25th, 2017 | Impact House

July 25th, 2017 | Impact House

To be holy means to be devoid of sins and iniquity. It means to be separated from profane and mundane things. 1Peter2:9.True holiness is not born out of self righteousness; it’s bestowed upon via the sanctification of the Holy Ghost. 1 Thess4:1-8. God has called us out of unrighteousness into a life of holiness. 1Peter1:16. We are to be holy in all manner of conversation i.e. in every area of our life. 1Peter1:15. Holiness must be our way of life. Lev.11:44-45 No man can see God without holiness. Heb.12:14.

Benefits of Holiness

  • Preservation. Jer. 2:3 those that live in holiness are strongly protected by God. Ex. 23:22. Holiness ensure security from attacks of the enemy 
  • Material supply of divine prosperity and blessings.  Obadiah1:17.You cannot live a holy life without obedience to God, as you obey Him you key into Gods. Deut. 28:2-11.
  • Revelation in the things of God. The secret things of God are release to those who walk in Holiness.
  • Eternal life. Heb. 12:14. Without holiness no man shall see the Lord, because our God is a holy God.

How to live in Holiness

  • Be sanctified via the cleansing of the Holy Ghost. 2 Cor. 7:1
  • Yield yourself totally to God. Rom.6:19
  • Prayer and fasting help keep away from sin and closer to God 
  • Be humble in your walk with God, never assume you are strong. Depend on the Holy Spirit
  • Active participation in the fellowship of people of God. Prov. 27:17.
  • Adequate daily word intake. Ps. 119:9