The Power of Tithing

July 25th, 2017 | Impact House

July 25th, 2017 | Impact House

Tithe belongs to God. Tithe is one tenth of one’s income or proceed. Tithing is the payment of 10% of your total income or proceed. Lev. 27:30-32. One sure way of God releasing is blessing on His people is via tithing. Mal. 3:10-12. Tithe is meant for the house of God where individual draws their spiritual enrichment sand blessings. It’s worthy to note that non-payment of tithe is equal to robbing God. Mal. 3:8-9.

Benefits of Tithing

  • Open heavens. Tithers enjoys open heaven. Mal 3:10
  • Tithers are blessed. Mal 3:10,12
  • Devourer’s are rebuked for the sake of tithers
  • The works of your hands are blessed and preserved
  • Tithers don’t die premature death. Mal. 3:11
  • Tithing makes your life to be delightful, stress free and full of God’s blessings. Mal 3:12

Why do we tithe?

  • To establish the covenant of blessing via tithing.
  • We tithe in order to honour God. Matt22:21
  • In order to escape destruction and loss. Mal 3:8
  • To support the work of ministry and the spread of the gospel.
  • To attract God blessings into our life. Mal. 3:10
  • In order to avoid curse from God. Mal.3:9

A non-tither is a thief according to the scripture. Mal 3:8-9. Until seeds of tithe is sown there can’t be harvest. Gen. 8:22